Are you looking for a next-level Sex Machine? Then look no further. The Hismith Premium Sex Machine gives you all the possibilities you can think of. Vaginally, anally, alone or with others, your exciting fantasies will become reality!

What is a Hismith Premium Sex Machine?

A Hismith Premium Sex Machine (also called a sex machine or fuck machine) is a fully automatic mechanical device that allows you to sexually stimulate yourself and/or your partner. You can attach various attachments such as, dildos, masturbators and other accessories to the machine. You can fully adjust the sex machine to your personal preferences. Set the speed, penetration depth and vibration yourself with the app or remote control. Then the sex machine is ready to give you hours of pleasure!

How does a Sex Machine work?

Our Hismith Premium Sex Machines are user-friendly. The sex machine features one or more tubes. The tubes have a KlicLok® connection at the end. To this you can connect all KlicLok® attachments such as dildos, masturbators and other accessories. Optionally, you can connect other sex toys to the machine by using an adapter. After choosing your sex toy, you can set the machine via the handy Smart App or remote control. Choose your own pace, penetration depth and vibration. After that, the sex machine is ready to bring you to a climax you've never experienced before! Do you dare?

What is a KlicLok® connector?

KlicLok® is the connection system you use to attach all kinds of attachments to a Premium Sex Machine. The KlicLok® connector has an 8-sided connection which is attached to the sex machine. This makes it impossible to detach it easily. The system has been extensively tested and is 100% safe and solid. Besides being safe, the connection system is also easy to use. Changing the attachments is fast so you don't have to wait too long before you can move on again. Alternate with different (anal) dildos, masturbators and other accessories for endless fun!

Control the fuck machine remotely with the Smart App

The fuck machine can be controlled remotely via the App or with the remote control. The App is easy to use on any Smartphone. Here, you can fully set the fuck machine to your needs. Choose the speed, penetration depth and frequencies yourself. Create your own thrust frequencies via the Smart-App or experience extra excitement and choose thrust frequencies from other Community members. This gives you extra possibilities to use the machine. For example, control the fuck machine for your partner and watch yourself or let other Community members control the machine in the App. Via the App, the fuck machine can be controlled all over the world. Forget old-fashioned phone sex, this way you can keep your long-distance relationship extra exciting. Tension and excitement guaranteed!

Our professional Sex Machines

Our Hismith Premium Sex Machines are made of high-quality materials. They are made of premium quality stainless steel, aluminium and plastic. All our sex machines feature a quiet and powerful motor. So no one has to find out what you are doing! The professional sex machines are fully adjustable to your needs. Determine the speed, frequency, position, thrust depth and thrust height yourself. Below, we briefly describe which sex machines we have in our range.

Pro 1 Premium Sex Machine

This solid and powerful 11-kilo fuck machine features a single tube to which you can attach an attachment such as a dildo. On the machine, you can fully adjust the bump depth, bump height and bump speed. The sex machine comes with a carrying case so you can discreetly store the fuck machine or easily take it with you. With a motor power of 100 watts and 240 thrusts per minute, you are sure to reach your ultimate orgasm!

Pro 3 Premium Sex Machine

You can easily use this compact, powerful Sex Machine Pro 3 in any place due to its size. You can also easily take the fuck machine with you thanks to the included carrying bag. The solid construction weighs 5 kilos and stays firmly in place when you are enjoying yourself. Without anyone having to notice, because the machine only produces 30 - 54 db of noise. So you can let yourself be pampered carefree by your sex machine!

Pro 4 Premium Sex Machine

Ideal for couples and sex partners, the Pro 4 sex machine. Do you really want to experience the wildest adventures? Then this is the right sex machine for you. The automatic sex machine features as many as 4 tubes that can pamper you on two sides. So you can vary endlessly with dildo attachments, masturbators and other accessories. At full power, this machine gives you up to 240 Thrusts per minute, that's 4 per second! With its high quality and solid construction, the machine can handle this with ease. At 18 kilos, it will stay firmly on the surface while you enjoy yourself.

Pro 5 Premium Sex Machine

This stable, powerful fuck machine can thrust indefinitely in succession to your rhythm. Fully adjust the machine to your favourite position. Attach your favourite attachment such as a dildo, vibrator or masturbator and you're ready to go. Thanks to the different settings, you can keep varying positions and vibrations. You can set the perfect position, bump depth and bump height. Do you like lying, sitting, kneeling, squatting, standing or anything in between? Anything is possible with this versatile fucking machine.

Hismith Pro Traveler

A romantic weekend away or enjoying an extended holiday? Then the Hismith Pro Traveler is not to be missed. This compact fuck machine is easy to take with you and fits well in your suitcase. Despite its smaller size, the machine is no less powerful. With 24 watts, this motor gives you up to 120 thrusts per minute. Attach the fuck machine to a surface with the strong suction cup for a solid base. Enjoy this versatile fuck machine anytime!

Put together your own Sex Machine Package

At Hismith, convenience and comfort for our customers are paramount. For this reason, we have developed the Product Configurator. This allows you to put together your own Premium Sex Machine Package. This package consists of a Premium Sex Machine and 3 or more attachments such as dildos, masturbators and other accessories. Of course at a substantial discount! Quickly read more about how to put together your own package here.

Premium Attachments for Sex Machines

Our Premium Attachments are specially made for the Hismit Premium Sex Machines. With our own patented connection system KlicLok®, the attachments such as a dildo and masturbator are easy to mount on your automatic sex machine. In addition, you will find many adapters in our webshop with which you can attach sex toys with different connections to our sex machines. Think of a Vac-U-Lock, 3XLR or Quick Air Connector. Below, we briefly describe what the range of attachments consists of.

Dildo attachments

Endless variation is possible with our wide range of Hismith dildos. With these, you will never run out of things to do and there is always something new to discover. Different colours, sizes, single or double, anal or vaginal, vibrating or not. Enough choice to keep on varying!

Masturbator attachments

In order to offer everyone the most complete sex experience, we have of course also thought of the man. The masturbators (also called pocket pussies) are made to give you an intense experience. The pocket pussies feature various sucking, thrusting and vibrating capabilities. They are made of soft material which feels realistic. This ensures a lifelike experience!

Premium Accessories

After buying an automatic sex machine, you can keep expanding with attachments, as well as accessories and adapters. Accessories allow you to perfect your experience. They allow you to go just a little deeper, a little more angled or a better position. This is going to help you reach highs you've never experienced before!

Adapters for your Sextoys

The different adapters are made to keep using your (current) favourites on our premium professional sex machines. For example, attach all your suction cup dildos to the sex machine with a Suction Cup Adapter. Do you have sex toys with a different connection such as Vac-U-Lock? Then choose the Vac-U-Lock to KlicLok® adapter.

How do you maintain a Sex Machine?

Our Premium Sex Machines machines are made of the highest quality materials for an extra long life. The machine is virtually maintenance-free. The only thing that does need to be done is greasing the tubes where the push rod is attached (once every 3 months). If you have used the sex machines with your favourite sex toy, we recommend using the special ToyCleaner. This inhibits the growth of bacteria. To do so, spray the toy, rinse it with water and then pat it dry with a soft, clean (lint-free) cloth. For an even smoother experience, you can also use our Hismith® Water-Based Lubricant.

Order Hismith Sex Machine Online

You can easily and discreetly order our sex machines online. At Hismith we find discretion extremely important. Therefore, you cannot see what is inside the package from the outside. Also, there is no sender on it, so the package cannot be traced back to us. You can order the sex machines without worrying about your privacy.

Do you have any questions about the sex machines or other accessories? You can ask all your questions via our Live Chat. We will be happy to help you!