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What is a Fantasy Dildo?

The dildo is one of the most popular sex toys. A dildo is made to mimic penetration and can be used during sex with a partner or solo. Dildos can be found in all shapes and sizes, vibrating, fantasy, anal, extra-large dildo or made of glass. Fantasy dildos are, as the name suggests, based on fantasy. They have distinct shapes, intense structures and all kinds of colours. They can have the shape of a tentacle, the appearance of an alien or of a snake. Fantasy dildos come in all kinds of alien shapes and colours. There is always a dildo to suit your fetish and fantasies!

The unusual shapes and structures of the fantasy dildos give extra stimulation and a different feeling than you are normally used to. They are made of flexible material so you can go either way. Fantasy dildos are a great addition to your collection of sex toys. Especially if you are more experienced, fantasy dildos are a new sexual adventure to discover!

What material are fantasy dildos made of?

Most fantasy dildos are made of 100% premium medical-approved silicone. These dildos are made of high-quality materials. They have a firm structure and are easy to clean. The material feels pleasant to the touch, is 100% body safe and skin-friendly. Important to mention here is that the fantasy dildos cannot be used with silicone-based lubricant. Only water-based ones like the Hismith water-based lubricant.

What types of fantasy dildos are there?

Are you tired of the standard realistic dildos and ready to discover new ways to stimulate yourself? Then you're going to have a lot of fun with a fantasy dildo. Fantasy dildos are available in endless shapes and sizes. Below, we briefly describe which fantasy dildos are most common.

Animal dildo

Are you ready for a monster big dildo? An animal dildo is often based on an animal species or mythical creature. Animal fetish dildos are often large dildos and feature a look that gives extra stimulation. For example, go for this Braid Snake Animal Dildo with a spiral shape. Or opt for this Monster Tongue Animal Dildo. This fantasy dildo features ridges, nubs and a tongue-like head for otherworldly pleasure.

Tentacle dildo

Scenes with tentacles are a common theme in Japanese Hentai. These tentacle dildos make the fantasy even more realistic. A tentacle dildo is shaped like the tentacle of a monster or beast. Often, the tentacle fetish dildo contains a certain curve that knows how to hit the right spots like your G-spot upon penetration. The structure of the small suction cups provide extra stimulation. The large tentacle dildo is sure to take you to new heights!

Zombie dildo

Zombie dildos have a monster-like appearance and come in different shapes and structures. They often feature a structure that gives extra stimulation. Zombie fetish dildos are also somewhat larger in size. Ideal for experiencing new adventures with them!

Fantasy suction cup dildos

Suction cup dildos feature a large suction cup at the bottom. With the suction cup, you easily attach this sex toy to any flat and smooth surface. With a fantasy suction cup dildo, you have more freedom and your hands free during masturbation. Attach it to a smooth surface and you can let yourself go wonderfully. Think for example of your bedroom door, the edge of your bed or the bathroom wall. Plenty of options to try out. Besides the suction cup, you can also use the dildo in combination with our Hismith Sex Machines. Using a suction cup adapter, you can attach the fantasy dildo to the sex machine. This way, you can have even more fun with it!

Anal Fantasy Dildo

An anal fantasy dildo is specially made for anal penetration of both men and women. The anal dildos have a slightly different design from standard dildos. The anal fantasy dildo has a narrow tip to make it easier to insert into the anus. In addition, the anal dildo has a wider, flared base so the dildo can never stay in the anus completely. Therefore, we do not recommend using a normal dildo anally.

Fantasy strap-on dildos

A fantasy strap-on dildo (also known as a strapon) is a sex toy that allows you to mimic penetration. This can be vaginal, anal or oral. A strap-on dildo is used by everyone: gay, lesbian, straight, male or female. It is a versatile sex toy used to make your sex life more exciting.

Combine dildos with our Sex Machines

Looking for more excitement and satisfaction? Then check out our wide range of Sex Machines. A Hismith Premium Sex Machine (also known as a sex machine or fuck machine) is a fully automatic mechanical device that allows you to sexually stimulate yourself and/or your partner. You can attach various attachments such as dildos, masturbators and other accessories to the machine. You can fully adjust the sex machine to your personal preferences. Set the speed, penetration depth and vibration yourself with the app or remote control. Then the sex machine is ready to give you hours of pleasure. With a suction cup adapter, you connect all fantasy dildos (with a suction cup) to your sex machine. Do you have a favourite dildo you want to keep using? Attach the dildo with the suction cup to the adapter and you can connect it to the sex machine.

How do you maintain your Fantasy Dildos?

We recommend that, after using the dildo, you clean it with a special ToyCleaner. This inhibits the growth of bacteria. Spray the attachment, rinse it with water and then pat it dry with a clean (lint-free) cloth. For an even smoother experience and to extend the life of the dildos, we recommend using a condom in combination with Hismith® Water-based Lubricant.

Order Hismith Dildos Online

You can easily and discreetly order our dildos online. At Hismith we find discretion extremely important. The outside of the packaging therefore does not show what is inside. Also, there is no sender on it, so the package cannot be traced back to us. You can order the fantasy dildos without worrying about your privacy.

Do you have questions about the fantasy dildos or other sex toys? You can ask all your questions via our Live Chat. We will be happy to help you!