Looking for a new sex toy that will make all your fantasies come true? Then a realistic sex doll is a new experience for you to explore. A sex doll (also called sexdoll, lovedoll or sex doll) is a doll made to have sex with.

Lifelike Sex Doll

We have a wide range of female and male sex dolls, both dark- and light-skinned. You get a lifelike feeling due to the soft material and extra stimulation in the entrances, and on the penis. Want an even more intense experience? Our vibrating and sucking sex dolls will give you a sensation you have never experienced before. The sex dolls are made of premium material and have a long lifespan. With Hismith's sex dolls, you are guaranteed an ultimate climax!

Realistic Sexdolls

The sex dolls' skin, round breasts and large buttocks are soft to the touch. All sex dolls are made of realistic, soft material of premium quality. The entrances have a ribbed texture which provides extra friction and stimulation. This gives you a lifelike experience! Our sex dolls don't flinch at anything and are made to give you delicious pleasure. They are equipped with a solid base so you can let yourself go completely. Besides pleasure, realistic lovedolls like Judy also offer companionship. She is 1.65m in size and can be compared to the body of a real woman. With Judy, you will never feel lonely again and she is always ready for a hot night. Start fantasising...

Sex doll for him and her

Looking for some extra excitement for the bedroom? Are you fed up with the standard sex toys? Then choose a sex doll suitable for him and her. This will take your sex life to a new level. It is often thought that a sex doll is only suitable for men. That is not true! Sex dolls are also suitable for women to experience delicious pleasure. For couples, we have a range of various sex dolls for you both to enjoy. For example, choose Shemale Sex Doll Conchita with delicious breasts, a firm penis and tight anus. Or the muscular body of sex doll George. This will give you and your partner hours of pleasure!

Shemale Mannequin

With a shemale sex doll, you will experience the best of both worlds. The shemale sex dolls are made especially for men and women who love transgender women or for couples who could use some extra excitement in the bedroom. The shemale sex dolls feature a hard rigid penis, soft breasts and a tight anus. Our shemale sex dolls are made of high-quality materials, 98% Premium Silicone and 2% TPE. The flat base/back ensures the shemale sex doll stays firmly in place. This gives you complete freedom to go wild at your pace! Our best-selling shemale sex dolls are Shemale Sex Doll Conchita, with slightly toned skin. And Shemale Sex Doll Mercedes, with dark toned skin.

Sexy female sex dolls

Big soft breasts, tight entrances and round buttocks. Our female sex dolls have it all. They are made of soft material comparable to a real woman's skin. Do you like role-playing? Sex dolls are perfect for adding another dimension to masturbation. Unleash your imagination and experience what it's like to be able to do anything with your sex doll. She never says 'no' and is always in the mood! The entrances have a ribbed texture which provides an intense sensation. Something you haven't felt before. You can squeeze the large breasts wonderfully or bump back and forth to climax. You are guaranteed to have a hot night with our female sex dolls.

Muscular male sex torso

Our male torsos are suitable for all men and women who want a bit more than the standard sex toys. The male torsos feature a deliciously muscular torso, a stiff penis and a tight anus. Sex dolls like George or Anthony have everything to give you an intense experience. They are of compact size so you can easily move and store them. This way, no one has to know you had a horny night with your sex doll!

Which sex doll suits you best?

Find the perfect sex doll to suit your needs. When buying a sex doll, you can look at the following factors:

  • Size: do you want to have all the freedom to use the sex doll wherever you want? Then a more compact size will be easier to move and lift. Are you looking for a realistic experience and your own sex buddy who is always in the mood? Then a lifelike-sized sex doll is a good choice.

  • Alone or together: will you use the sex doll alone or with your partner? Consider this before buying a sex doll. After all, our multifunctional sex dolls can be used by both men and women. Are you going to use the doll for just yourself? Then you can choose a male or female sex doll.

  • Functions: is a sex doll, with multiple entrances where you can go deliciously deep inside, enough for you? Or do you want a next-level experience with extra pleasure? Then choose a sex doll with a vibrating and sucking function like Sex doll Paulina or Sex doll Natalia. Think about what gives you satisfaction and how you want to reach your ultimate climax.

Not sure if a sex doll is for you? Then try one of our competitively priced sex dolls like Unique or Shirley. This will let you experience how you like having sex with a doll. We know from experience, after using it you will never want to do anything else!

Realistic male sex dolls

Realistic sex dolls made of silicone and TPE are becoming increasingly popular. People are looking for a realistic experience and a mate with whom they can do anything sexually. Women are also increasingly in need of this and a male sex doll is perfect for that! The male sex dolls feature realistic appearance, soft skin and attractive male features. This gives you a lifelike experience when having sex with the sex doll.

Inflatable sex dolls

Inflatable sex dolls were the first sex dolls in existence. Only after this, the more realistic sex dolls that are made of silicone and TPE entered the market. Inflatable sex dolls are easier to produce and therefore the price is lower than a normal sex doll. Inflatable sex dolls are often of lifelike size and available in all shapes and sizes, both female and male sex dolls. Inflatable sex dolls have multiple entrances such as a mouth, vagina and anus. They are very flexible so you can place them in any position. After use, you can easily clean and store the inflatable sex dolls. Ideally, they take up little space and you can hide them well. This way, no one has to know what you have been up to!

Maintaining a sex doll

By maintaining and cleaning your sex doll properly, you can extend its lifespan. The sex dolls are all easy to clean so you won't spend too much time on this. For extra smooth use, we recommend using a condom together with Hismith Water-based Lubricant. Like other sex toys, you should clean sex dolls after use. For easy cleaning of your sex doll, you can use a Toy Cleaner. Spray the doll and rinse it with water. Then pat dry with a soft, clean (lint-free) cloth. This will prevent the growth of bacteria and prolong the life of your sex doll.

Ordering a sex doll online

You can easily and discreetly order our sex dolls online. At Hismith, we find discretion extremely important. The outside of the packaging does not show what is inside. There is also no sender on it, so the package cannot be traced back to us. You can order the sex dolls without worrying about your privacy.

Do you have questions about the sex dolls or need advice? You can ask all your questions via our Live Chat. We will be happy to help you!