What types of accessories does Hismith have?

  1. Attachments: Hismith offers different attachments for their sex machines. These attachments vary in shape and size and are designed to offer different simulation experiences. Some are specifically designed for vaginal use, while others are suitable for anal stimulation.

  2. Extension pieces: Extension pieces can be used to extend the length of the sex machine thrust arm, providing more flexibility in adapting to different positions and user preferences.

  3. Attachments: Hismith may offer various attachments and mounts that make it easy to attach the machine to different surfaces, allowing users to experience hands-free pleasure.

  4. Accessories for customisation: Some accessories can serve for customisation and personalisation of the sex machine, such as speed controllers, remote controls or other additional features.

  5. Remote controls and Speed controllers: Accessories such as remote controls and speed controllers give users more control over the intensity and speed of the sex machine's movements.
  6. Maintenance accessories: Grease and Toy cleaner are specific cleaning products for maintaining the sex machine to prolong its life and ensure hygiene.