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Hismith Premium Pro Seksmachine - Pakket Luciano - Ultiem genot


Nieuw product

Pakket Luciano is voorzien diverse dildo's en andere opzetstukken.  Elke fantasie kan realiteit worden met deze krachtpatser!

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  • Hismith Premium Pro Seksmachine - Pakket Luciano - Grote Donkere Penis - Diverse Opzetstukken

    "De Hismith premium is DE seks machine onder de seks machines. Deze zeer krachtige seksmachine zorgt voor diepe en sensationele penetratie. Daarnaast heeft de Hismith een robuust en stoer uiterlijk die je terug ziet in zijn prestaties. De machine is eenvoudig te verstellen voor optimaal gebruikersgemak, laat je iedere keer weer op een verrassende manier penetreren. Deze seks machine bezorgt je heel veel genot, alleen of samen met je partner. Ongekende orgasmes behoren nu tot de werkelijkheid! Niets is te gek! De Hismith premium schenkt zowel vaginaal als anaal optimaal genot en plezier. De Hismith premium wordt standaard geleverd met een snelheidsregelaar welke met een kabel vast zit aan de machine. Met behulp van deze snelheidsregelaar kan de Hismith aan/uitgeschakeld worden en de snelheid kan eenvoudig worden aangepast. Met slechts één draai aan de knop ga je van zachte naar harde penetratie. Bij bestelling van de Hismith premium seks machine ontvang je standaard een dildo voor uren speelplezier. Deze dildo is nude (huidkleurig) en ziet er zeer realistisch uit. Voor een moeiteloze penetratie gebruik je een glijdmiddel op waterbasis.”   Bij dit pakket krijg je nog veel meer leuke extra's!  Ultiem genot gegarandeerd!

    Waarom kiest u voor de Hismith Premium Pro Line?

        √ STIL: Slechts 40 decibel geluid. 
    √ MOTOR: krachtige stille motor, zorgt voor ultieme penetratie! Gebruik minimaal 2 uur lang zonder stoppen!
    √ VERSCHILLENDE POSITIES: Meer dan 10 verschillende standjes mogelijk. 
    √ DISCREET VERPAKT: Door de neutrale verpakking kan je niet zien wat er in de doos zit

    Specificaties van de Premium Pro Seks Machine:

    • Vermogen: 110V-240V 50 / 60HZ
    • Uitgang: DC 24V-5A
    • Motorvermogen: 120W
    • Geluid: 30 - 54 db
    • Aantal stoten per minuut: tot 240 stoten per minuut
    • Type opzetstukken: Premium Quick Air
    • Aanpassen Hoek: 90 graden
    • Gewicht: 11 kg
    • Afmeting: 47 x 26 x 45 cm

    Pakket inclusief:

    • 1 x Hismith Premium Seks machine
    • 1 x Snelheidsregelaar
    • 1 x Voeding (Europese stekker) 
    • 1 x Beschermende opberg- reistas voor de machine
    • 6 x Antislipdoppen
    • 4 x Chrome RVS stangen/poten
    • 2 x Chrome RVS T-koppelstukken
    • 1 x Inbussleutel
    • 1 × C0079 opzetstuk, flexible veer met Quick Air Connectie
    • 1 × C0068 opzetstuk, 30CM Verlengstuk voor diepere penetratie. Quick Air Connectie
    • 1 × VAC-U-Lock Dildo Adaptor, C0112-SIL (voor gebruik met o.a. Doc Jonhson
    • 1 x  C0325-BLACK-01 opzetstuk, Dikke Grote Donkere Penis met Quick Air Connectie
    • 1 x  C0237-02 opzetstuk, Dikke Grote Donkere Penis met Grote Ballen en Quick Air Connectie

    Waarom kiezen voor Hismith Premium Sex Machine?

    1. 240 RPM staat gelijk aan 4 slagen per seconde, geeft je een ultiem seksueel genot!
    2. 40 dB op volle snelheid, zeer stil in gebruik! 
    3. 20 snelheidsopties. Kies de gewenste snelheid, van 0 tot 240 RPM!  Verleg je grenzen
    4. 10 Posities op zijn minst, nooit meer eentonige seks!
    5. Altijd snel en discreet verzonden!  Voor 17:00 uur besteld morgen in huis!*

    ✅ Belangrijke tips voor het eerste gebruik en daarna:

    • Gebruik voor het lekkerste resultaat glijdmiddel of een condoom
    • Gebruik geen glijmiddel op siliconen basis, dit kan het product beschadigen (dildo)
    • Reinig het product met een milde zeep en water of seksspeeltjes reiniger (dildo)
    • Bewaar op een koele en droge plek (dildo)
    • Probeer de stuwkrachtdiepte niet aan te passen wanneer u de machine gebruik
    • Controleer dat u de schroeven juist hebt vastgeschroefd voordat u de machine start.
    • Wij raden aan om te beginnen met medium diepte bij het eerste gebruik.
    • Reinig de machine mett 1% benzalkonium, bromide of 75% medische alcohol om te desinfecteren voor het eerste gebruik.

    Hismith® zal alle bestellingen discreet versturen. Uw privacy is onze zorg!

    Disclaimer is niet aansprakelijk voor schade die veroorzaakt is of wordt door onjuist gebruik van de machines

  • Height 18.4 × 10.2 × 17.7 inches (46.8 × 26.0 × 44.9 cm)
    Width 24.58 pounds (11.150 kg)
    Depth 110-240 V
    Weight 120 W
    Stroke Length 1.2-6 inches (3-15 cm)
    Thrusting Speed 0-240 RPM
    Noise at Full Speed 40 dB
    Package Including 1 × main machine
    1 × wired speed controller
    1 × 8.7" Flexible Silicone Dildo for Hismith Sex Machine with Quick Air Connector, 6.3" Insertable Length
    1 × Sex Machine Attachment,Hismith 30CM Extension Tube for Premium Love Machine
    1 × 6.3" Silicone Anal Plug for Hismith Sex Machine with Quick Air Connector,5.5" Insertable Length
    1 × Hismith Sex Machine Spring Attachment, Quick Air Connector
    1 × Hismith Machine Device Attachments, Adapter for VAC-U-Lock Dildo



The best machine

One of the best for a good price


It’s a lot of fun wife enjoys it.

This is going to be a great addition to the toy collection. We have a sybian and so far think this is more fun to control on my wife. Makes things less complicated than having another individual in relationship. Packaging was good nothing out of place. Has a nice storage bag.


quality thru they cut no corners

i have learned a great deal about these machines there are a few but only one that is made right from the get go the absolute quality of this machine shows at each and every turn from the precision fit and finish mine came wrapped in plastic every piece was protected the smooth running of the machine itself is next the secure snap in locks are superior the extension rod is solid not just a hollow piece of aluminum this is steel has been cut so it threads in place the others don,t do this just one more thing to consider when buying one it is quiet in terms of a machine the price is fair for what you get even a handy carrying bag in my humble opinion this is the one too buy the competition may want to keep a close eye on this machine as it is true as in most things things change but as i said in my humble opinion you could spend more but why warranty is 1 year which in itself shows they are ready and willing to stand behind what they sell this is an upgraded version so even that is subject to change but with this degree of quality thruout there should be no reason with regular maintenance it should not provide years of good service for my money i think it is the mercedes benz of the lot


Not bad, powerful, and well built

Well built piece of equipment. Excellent price point too. Be careful how the cords are routed, The control wire can get tangled in the mechanism. The accessories are pricy, but if your handy, you don’t need them.


Quality product, awesome customer service.

It's a good product, great customer service. Had something break almost a year later and they replaced it free within 3-4 days, no questions asked.


Five Stars

It is amazing.


4 stars

Works fine, not strong enough for very large toys.


Five Stars

great machine lots fun , excellent customer service





ultra quite

Awesome product and not to expensive


A must for any couple into forced orgasm play.

I could not be more happy.
It showed up on time, which a plus.
It comes with a discreet carry bag(and is packaged very thoroughly and each piece is shrink wrapped in plastic).
The machine is very simple to assemble and Un assemble when not being used.
Cords are long enough to let you move it to where you want and give whatever person wants control the switch.
The speeds are extremely nice as you can determine the depth and speed. From a shallow even flow to a deep pounding thrust.
The bars are solid metal, which me and my wife we're able to use it on our mattress without it tipping over.
The attaching penis is very realistic from the balls to the veins.
It's flexible just enough to not jab when getting into it and moving her hips.
I would recommend this to any one who wants to add any kink to their relationship without adding another person or anyone into edging/forced orgasm play.


was awesome!

had alot of fun with this!


Completely worth the money

If your looking for quality then look no further this thing is a power house! It’s a 5 min set up and then you are done. It is easy to take apart and store or simply slide it into the closet! It is heavy enough that while the motor is running that it does NOT move which is a problem I’ve had with other models. Over all I LOVE this produ


Super powerful and really quiet.

This has to be one of my best purchases so far. This machine is what I was looking for: strong, deep, and powerful. This machine appears to be one of the best sold anywhere.

It's super easy to setup. The machine's "legs" are actually super heavy, which is an excellent thing when using the machine on high speeds. The higher the speeds, the more likely the machine "rocks". These heavy legs help counteract that.
Once setup, the machine is easy to use: simply adjust the controller to the desired speeds. The depth of the machine's movements can be adjusted allowing for shallow or deep thrusts. The controller is super responsive–as soon as I change the controls, the machine replies immediately and there is no delay at all.

One thing to note about the included phallic toy is that it is not made out of silicone. Because of this, I highly recommend using a condom over it. These toys can be unsanitary in the sense that it can absorb bacteria from your body and later re-introduce it when using again. Additionally, this toy that comes included has a "chemical" smell–not the kind of stuff you want in your orifices.

My favorite feature is that the machine is pretty quiet. The highest speeds can be somewhat loud, but not loud enough that your next-door neighbors can hear it. For the most part, I found myself using the machine at about 40% the majority of the time. At this somewhat low speed, the machine is whisper quiet and can barely be heard inside the same room (definitely not if you're in another room).

I did receive this machine for a slight discount, but it does not affect my opinion in any way.

One thing I wish that was included is another adapter. I am limited to this crappy plastic fenis and wish I could use something else.


Great toy, watch your pinkies

I luv this toy and wonder why I waited so long, but I have accidentally gotten my finger smash in the machine. I will be making a cover for it so when it operating that won't happen again.


Best ever

Awesome really quiet


(LOL) She says it's the best gift she's ever gotten in her life

My darling Roz received this while I was out on the road. When I got home Sun. evening , I couldn't pry her off this with a crowbar, a team of wild horses, and dynamite!!! (LOL) She says it's the best gift she's ever gotten in her life!! Thank You hismith for helping to make my lady happy!!.

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Schrijf uw recensie

Hismith Premium Pro Seksmachine - Pakket Luciano - Ultiem genot

Hismith Premium Pro Seksmachine - Pakket Luciano - Ultiem genot

Pakket Luciano is voorzien diverse dildo's en andere opzetstukken.  Elke fantasie kan realiteit worden met deze krachtpatser!

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