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This flexible extension piece for the Auxfun sex machine is 30cm long, blue and can be bent I any direction. Toys can therefore be positioned even better.... More information
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Flexible extension tube 30 cm - Bendable extension tube - 3XLR

A must-have accessory for your Auxfun sex machine - Create more flexibility

✅ Suitable for Auxfun sex machines
✅ 3XLR connection
✅ Bendable
✅ Length 30 cm
✅ Discreetly shipped

Bendable extension piece for your Auxfun 3XLR sex machine

With this flexible extension piece for the Auxfun Basic sex machine, you will experience even more pleasure from the sex machine. You place the flexible extension piece on your sex machine, allowing you to position the sex machine and attachments from an even greater distance. Because the extension piece is flexible, it can be bent in any direction, allowing you to reach that one tasty spot just a little bit better. The flexible extension piece is made of plastic and is 30 cm long.

What is a 3XLR connector?

The Auxfun® Basic Sex Machines are equipped with a 3XLR connector as standard. The 3XLR attachments are often made of TPU and TPR material. Attachment is very simple, you easily click your favourite attachment onto the sex machine and 'let the fun begin'' Would you prefer a silicone attachment? Click here to be redirected to the attachments with QAC section. To use the QAC connector on the Auxfun® Basic Sex Machines, you will need the C0386 3XLR to Quick Air Connector.

Package includes:

  • Flexible extension piece

Tips from our experts

Preferably use a condom together with Hismith® Water-based Lubricant for even smoother and more enjoyable use! You can extend the life of all your Toys by taking good care of them. We advise you to quickly and easily clean your sex toys with a special ToyCleaner before and after each use . Spray the toy, rinse it with water and then pat it dry with a soft, clean (lint-free) cloth. This prevents the growth of bacteria. Store your toys (preferably separately) in a cool and dry place.


  • ALWAYS switch off the machine before (dis)connecting any part.
  • NEVER (dis)connect accessories during use
  • Always check that the attachment is properly attached
  • Always follow the instructions in the manual

Hismith will always pack & ship the order(s) discreetly. Shipping packaging without advertising. Discretion guaranteed!


Connection type:3XLR connector
Dimensions:30 cm (L)
Diameter:2.65 cm Ø
Weight:75 g
Packaging:Blank box | Discreetly packed & shipped
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