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Monika Louis is the ideal bed partner to have at home! She never nags or complains and is always there for you. Manufactured from 98% silicone and 2% TPE. DISCREET packed and shipped.... More information
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Realistic 3D Full Silicone Sex Doll Monika L

This sex doll is made from 98% medical grade silicone and 2% TPE. The soft material makes Monika L feel lifelike. Her beautiful curves, nice and soft, yet firm breasts and wide openings are ready for you. You can take her from behind, lay her on her back or take her on your lap. Deep throat or "Russian" style? Monika L can do it! Her Cup D breasts and round ass guarantee ultimate orgasms, time after time! The special ribbed and structured inside of this love doll increases stimulation due to the friction. This is a vaginal, anal and oral masturbator in one! With multiple ways to enjoy. Prefer another sex doll size? Click here

What our experts say:

  • On receipt, please allow the product to acclimatize so that any odours can disappear. This is because the doll is kept in a closed box.
  • Clean the doll before using it the first time
  • Clean the doll after each use, and preferably treat it with talc/baby powder. This ensures a longer lifespan and ensures an optimal condition of the skin.
  • Store the doll in a cool, dry place.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to dry the realistic vagina .
  • DO NOT use a hair dryer. Try to avoid higher temperatures.
  • Use mild shampoo to wash the hair and let it dry naturally.

Tips from our experts
For a more smooth and pleasant experience, it is advised to use a condom with the Hismith® Water-Based Lubricant. Extend the lifetime of your toys by taking good care of them. We advise you to clean the sex toys before and after each use with a special Toy Cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the toy, rinse it with water and then dry it with a clean and soft cloth. Store the toys, preferably separate from other toys, in a cool and dry place. This will prevent the growth of bacteria.


  • ALWAYS switch off the machine before (dis)connecting a part.
  • Never (Dis)connect accessories during use.
  • Always check that the attachments are properly connected.
  • Always follow the instructions in the manual.

Hismith will always pack and send your order(s) discreetly. Your package will arrive without advertising or any other textual or visual references that may indicate what the content is. Discretion is guaranteed!

Legal disclaimer

Gender Sex Doll:Female
Product size:60x31x15 cm (LxWxH)
Hip width:31 cm
Shoulder width:25 cm
Weight:10.5 kilogram
Material:98% Silicone | 2% TPE
Anal Penetration Possible:Yes
Vaginal Penetration Possible:Yes
Oral Penetration Possible:Yes
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4.5 stars based on 4 reviews
Kanji Nomura
Er zit zeker een goed gewicht aan. Het gevoel is zacht en realistisch. De ontwerpbalans is goed en ziet er sexy uit.
Ik denk niet dat je de prijs voor deze kwaliteit kunt verslaan, dus zeker de moeite waard.
Zoals beschreven is het product zeer gemakkelijk te wassen en te verzorgen.
Kyle Peckford
Well hot dang dis thing is like omg nut lol.. jk but no really tbh I looked around and decided this one was worth a shot as my last one broke after a month(different product) I’m well endowed so finding one of these that doesn’t tear after a few uses is great and I gotta say she’s still very nice and not torn yet but I wish she was just a little deeper over all it’s amazing the breasts are from yet supple and with proper care and some light dressing shirt and panties she is fun to cuddle and toy with randomly.
Feeling is good
Voelt fijn aan. Echt wel behoorlijk realistisch, zowel de hard-zacht verhouding als de textuur van de huid zelf. What you see is what you get. Precies hetzelfde als op de foto's. De opgegeven maat klopt ook. De tegens zijn toch wel het ontbreken van een skelet, waardoor het hoofd steeds naar voren of achteren valt en de pop dus eigenlijk alleen in liggende positie te gebruiken is. Het tweede nadeel is de pruik; die is veel te groot en blijft dus heel slecht zitten. Vergis je ook niet in het gewicht, 10kg is best zwaar om te verplaatsen, maar daarentegen wel weer fijn in gebruik. Verder staat er hismith.nl bij de beschrijving van de iDeal afschrijving. Niet heel discreet.
Al met al een prima koop denk ik als je op zoek bent naar iets om mee uit te proberen.